Green Energy in Motion

 We deliver prefabricated & mobile solar solutions for renewable energy everywhere,

the Solar GEM®.


The product

Solar GEM® is an innovative technology designed by Akuo. A pre-wired and assembled solar plant in a 20-feet containerized solution. One Solar GEM® unit is containing 75 KWp solar. We are improving our technology based on state of the art Solar …

Our Vision

Operation in off-grid area are largely powered by diesel. This has a high environmental impact and economical cost. ​
Solar GEM® has been designed to provide operators with an elegant and cost effective solution.


A completely containerized solar solution.

Plug & Play

We provide a ready-to-use solar plant.


Solar GEM® is a >75kWp modular solution, scalable to any capacity


Designed to withstand extreme environments

Green & Economic

Plug it directly into your existing network and reduce electricity bills

Storage & EMS Compatible

Designed to be compatible with any storage or EMS system.

Who we are

Created in 2007, Akuo is the first French independent producer of renewable energy. Akuo’s expertise is not limited to the construction of wind farms or solar power plants, but it offers innovative solutions adapted to local conditions. Integrating the expectations of the off-grid market and electrification of isolated or severe environments, Akuo has developed an independent entity to provide a plug and play solar solutions that address the specific issues related to that market