The product

Akuo designed the Solar GEM® to provide a mobile, scalable and easy to install solar solution. This patented technology has become a reference in the solar world. 


Solar GEM® is a master piece of the clean energy solution.

From permanent mini-grid for communities, to temporary and ultra mobile industrial operations.

75 kWp
per unit
1 MWp
installed in one week
for immediate delivery


A completely containerized solar solution, built for mobility and remote sites. Solar GEM® is certified for international transportation and can be installed on almost any terrain.

Plug & Play

We provide a ready-to-use solar plant, with no construction needs. This fully pre-wired solar plant includes the mounting structure, the inverter and the electrical panel. Solar GEM® is ideal for quick deployment on-grid and off-grid.


Solar GEM® is a >75kWp modular solution, scalable to any capacity. Connect as many Solar GEM® modules as you need to create a truly mobile solar power plant, without any technical or power limitation.


The system is designed to withstand extreme environments, and has been tested under hurricane conditions. The solar panels are framed with galvanized steel reinforcement and can be folded back inside the container for full protection during harshest environment. 


Plug Solar GEM® directly into your existing network and reduce electricity bills by up to 60% immediately.  Contact team to estimate the return of investment for your project.

Storage & EMS compatible

Solar GEM® is designed to be compatible with anystorage or EMS system. Adding Akuo’s batteries to Solar GEMs® significantlyincreases the share of renewable energy in the mix


Operations in off-grid areas are largely powered by diesel. This has a high environmental and economic cost.

SolarGEM® has been designed to provide operators with an elegant and cost-effective solar solution.

Low power
Medium power
High power
Permanent plant
(>10 years)
Mobile plant
(2 to 10 years)
Ultra-mobile plant
(couple of weeks)

Easy installation

1. Open the container

2. Prepare the rail supports (no civil works needed)

3. Install the rails

4. Pull the modules out with a forklift or a car

5. Install a 65kg ballast on each side of the system

6. Plug your module directly into your existing network


Solar capacity 75 kWp
Items 200 panels x 375 Wp 1500 VDC
1 inverter 60kVA and AC cabinet fully pre-wired
Container weight 12,5 metric Tons
(Un)folding time 30-45 mn
Operating Temperature −20 °C to +60 °C (−13 °F to +140 °F)

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Rated Output Current 91.2 A @380 Vac
86.7 A @400 Vac
Max. Output Current 100 A @380 Vac
95.3 A @400 Vac
Communication protocol Data interface: Modbus
Interface: RS485, webconnect
Unfolded footprint L. 90m x W. 6m x H. 1m
(H 2.6m for the container)
Folded footprint L. 6.1m x W. 2.4m x H. 2.6m (20ft Dry)
Slope Limit < 0.6%
No need for leveling
Complete installation 3 hours with a team of 4 people
Robustness Constructed to resist transportation by sea or truck
Longevity tested in extreme real-world conditions (such as hurricanes)
Compatibility Connection to low or medium voltage
Compatibility with most 72 cells PV modules
Option for a DC output without inverter
Orientation Any azimuth
Module Tilt angle 15°
Frames material Hot dipped galvanized steel ( ISO 1461 standard)