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Madagascar: Akuo and Enelec install 44 containersied PV Solar Units in Tuléar

New clean energy technologies are helping Madagascar in its electrification process. The large island is thus benefiting from the new Solar GEM®️. These mobile containerised units are pre-assembled by Akuo Energy, a French producer of renewable energy. As part of a project developed in partnership with Enelec, a subsidiary of the Filatex Group, 44 of these clean energy units have been installed in Tuléar, in the south of Madagascar.

France’s Akuo energy and Enelec install 44 containerised PV solar units in Madagascar

MADAGASCAR – French renewable energy producer Akuo Energy has commissioned 44 mobile solar units in the port city of Tuléar, south of Madagascar.

The project is being implemented in partnership with Enelec, the energy unit of Madagascar-based renewable energy group Filatex.

The 44 containerised units have a production capacity of 2.9 MWp.